Manager Resilience

Manager Resilience

How often do you struggle to manage your emotions when things get tough?

In our recent 1000 manager survey, we asked this manager resilience question. Over 53% said they struggle to manage their emotions more than the best practice of “quarterly.”

There’s nothing wrong with showing your emotions from time to time. In past decades, people in business were expected to be strong and stoic and always in control of their feelings, particularly men. Women who shed tears in the workplace were written off as weak and ineffective.

Your emotional intelligence

Times have changed! It’s more acceptable now to show your human side and reveal your happiness, fear or frustration — in other words, to be vulnerable. However, this doesn’t mean you can allow your emotions to overwhelm you when you’re trying to manage your workload or a team initiative. If you find yourself unable to cope more often than normal, it’s a good idea to pause and analyze potential reasons why. Is it possible that:

  • A recent illness or family issues have left you feeling less resilient than normal?
  • An ongoing conflict with a team member regularly makes you angry?
  • A financial or relationship issue is distracting you?

Whatever the reason, a consistent display of emotions will have a negative impact on your team. Rob Asghar, a contributing writer to Forbes Magazine, has concluded, “Managers can’t help but shape the emotional life of an organization, given their starring roles. And whatever is happening in the manager’s emotional life spreads virally.”

If you struggle with managing your emotions regularly when faced with adversity, a BetterManager coaching session can introduce you to the ideas and practices necessary for building manager resilience. It will not only help you gain emotional stability at work, but it will also make you better able to cope in every aspect of your life.

Click here for BetterManager’s Guide to “Emotional Intelligence.”

Interested in learning how to build your resilience and emotional intelligence?

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