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Directed coaching with BetterManager enables us, as coaches, to positively impact our client's professional lives. From a coaching perspective, that's very rewarding. The community of coaches we have is stellar. Our coaches are very experienced in both business and in executive coaching, and we bring this experience to the client engagements!

Karen Benz

Executive Coach

Karen Benz is an experienced Executive Coach with an extensive background in leadership and management.  She has coached across industries including technology, finance, health care, defense, manufacturing, service, nonprofit, government, and education.  She especially enjoys partnering with executives in developing leadership and management strategies.

Karen is an experienced management and leadership trainer who focuses on the DISC behavioral style methodology to improve communication, expand relationships and create a common understanding and language in organizations.  She has also taught management and business courses on the university level for over 10 years.

Karen has participated in several leadership initiatives including the Middle-Eastern Partnership Initiative where medical students from 12 Middle Eastern countries came to the US to develop projects of social change.  Karen served as a mentor for medical students from Iraq and Algeria. She enjoys community service projects and is an active member of her local Rotary Club.  Karen has extensive experience as the Chief Operating Officer of an ambulatory health care facility in addition to owning her own business for over 20 years.  

Karen is a certified graduate of Corporate Coach U and is certified in DISC. She is the Director of Coaching at BetterManager and is based in Rhode Island.