100% of our customers have renewed and expanded their partnership. Our coaches’ NPS score is 75 (9.3 out of 10).

Our Customers

Our Customers Give Us a High 75 on the Net Promoter Score Scale

SurveyMonkey Managers

SurveyMonkey has been enrolling all of their existing and newly promoted directors into the BetterManager Coaching Program. “One of the reasons this program has been so successful is that the quality is consistent,” says Callahan, Survey Monkey Learning & Development Director. “Even as our relationship with BetterManager grows and BetterManager adds to its pool of coaches, the quality of coaching has always remained constant.”


The Head of Learning and Development at Yelp! engaged BetterManager to accompany the company’s leaders at the director level or above on their managerial journey. As one of their directors put it “I very much enjoyed working with my BetterManager coach.  Yelp! has a great open culture, but being able to share my leadership dilemmas with an external management expert was extremely valuable”. On the success of the program, Yelp! further extended the program to coach their non-people manager HR Business Partners (HRBP)

smartrecruiters-min (1)

SmartRecruiter’s CEO was looking for an executive coach for himself. He came across BetterManager and gave it a try. Impressed with the quality of BetterManager executive coaching services and methodology, and wanting to strengthen the company’s culture, grow the company’s managers’ emotional intelligence and people skills, he subsequently rolled out BetterManager coaching program to each and every people manager across the organization on a global basis.


One of our first client, Petaluma HealthCare engaged BetterManager to coach all of their people leaders.


With a fast growing organization, Checkr’s leadership wanted to ensure all people managers had the tools to lead on day one of their new managerial position. Since the summer of 2017 every newly promoted people manager at Checkr is being enrolled in one of BetterManager coaching programs.


BetterManager has been working on an ongoing basis with Meta’s leadership team, and CEO to support the company’s exponential growth.