A Few Tips On Time Management

Wendy Hanson
BetterManager Executive Coach

May 19, 2018

Welcome to BetterManager. Today we’re going to share some tips about time management. The truth is time management is really self-management. As we know we cannot do anything about controlling time. The clock just keeps on ticking. But there are a few things that we could do to help us in managing our day and ourselves.

1. Begin each day with a plan and goals. It’s best if you can plan your day the night before because your brain will actually help prepare you for success while you are sleeping.

2. Leverage your work style. If your best productivity is in the morning make sure you do the most difficult things in the morning first. Some of us get caught up doing the easy things first and then days go by without getting to the things that are really important and more challenging.

3. If you need to put up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign during times of high productivity so that you can really concentrate and focus. Schedule time for emails. This is challenging but you can check your e-mails periodically instead of every time one comes in. You will be much more productive.

4. Acknowledge yourself when you have completed something very difficult. Give yourself a treat. What this does is reinforce your good behavior. We need to train our brain that this is how we are going to move forward.

Good luck managing yourself and then time will be managed too, have a great day.

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May 19, 2018