What Is Your Energy Level?

Will Corley
BetterManager Executive Coach

March 8, 2018

Energy Awareness

This is a question we ask leaders when we meet as a group. Being self-aware is a critical component of emotional intelligence.

Each leader reports out on a scale from 1 to 10 ( lowest to highest energy) where they are, how they feel in that moment. Often people are not in touch with their level of energy (high/ low or negative /positive), articulating a number creates more emotional awareness. It also utilizes two parts of the brain.

The thinking brain and the emotional brain.

By sharing your immediate energy level (number) people usually describe why they are feeling this way. It also provides each leader emotional awareness of others’ energy levels. It defines how they are feeling.

Mood Matters

Being socially aware is a key skill and a major component of emotional intelligence. A leader needs to be able not only to read his own emotional state (mood) but others as well. In essence, a leader’s emotions cascade to others. Being more able to create from oneself and others around you intentionally is what the best managers do.
Emotional intelligence is learned through experience, practice, openness, and self-awareness.

BetterManager believes that Managers must master and develop themselves (Self, Team Member, Team, and Organization) and critical to their success is emotional awareness and agility in order to motivate and lead others.

This simple exercise creates more presence for each member of the group, of the energy level and where each person is and what is going on for them. Just by naming something you not only become more aware (and emotionally intelligent or what some call emotionally literate) you begin the process of regulating your emotions.


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March 8, 2018