Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

A webinar series for HR and L&D professionals to share tips and best practices.


“Executive coaching is a proven recipe that has worked for C-level leaders at the largest and most successful organization for decades but has remained out of reach for most, until now. Combined with leadership development focused content and technology, it becomes “the most effective way to develop your leaders.”
– Karen Callahan, Director Learning & Development, SurveyMonkey

BetterManager’s coaching programs combine:


An initial assessment of the participant’s leadership skills based on Google’s People Operations, and Harvard Business School’s research.


Highly talented business coaches, selected and trained by our Founders. All are certified coaches and have over ten years of management and business coaching experience.


Pragmatic, easy to follow content to help you develop best practice behaviors.


A technology platform to ensure easy and private exchanges with your coach, and effective, easy to follow exercises.

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We deeply believe that the journey to make the workplace a happier place starts with educating and coaching managers and leaders on how to bring the best in their employees.

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