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Your management and company culture can be a major source of happiness, fulfillment and productivity! (Believe it!) BetterManager pours such heart into the selection and quality of our coaches and the way our programs are designed to scale, that this can be true for all companies. We feel a deep responsibility to help our clients create life-changing habits that bring more mentoring and happiness to teams across all levels of organizations.

Meg Kopka

Sales Director

Meg has over 15 years of experience growing revenue and working in fast-paced sales and marketing environments. Most recently, she helped to build SomethingNew, a startup sales and marketing Talent Acquisition firm working with Tech companies across the country.  In addition, Meg recently led the Enterprise Sales Forum (Networking group) in Boston because of her passion to inspire, develop and learn from others.

Her experience with sales leadership and executives has shown her the necessity of effective coaching and the desire of managers within an organization to have more of it. She believes wholeheartedly in the people, authenticity, and mission of BetterManager.

Meg’s enthusiasm around creating change in company cultures to a more collaborative, commutative and inspiring environment is infections.  She is a natural connector who is always thinking about how she can create successful, mutually beneficial relationships. Meg holds a degree in Public Relations and Communication Management from Emerson College and is based in Boston.