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Training employees for “soft skills” a 2018 C-suite priority

Talent has been earmarked as a top priority for CEOs in 2018, as per the 2018 PWC CEO Survey findings, released in time for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Coincidentally, McKinsey published its own book, “Talent Wins”, reinforcing the notion of “Talent-First”/“People-First” organizations and advocating for giving the CHRO a more powerful seat at the table. It’s not a brand new theme or concept, but for all the talk around technology and AI replacing human capital, it looks as if technology could become table stakes, with talent rising as the single biggest differentiator.

The 2018 PWC CEO Survey also reveals that given CEOs’ confidence in the economic outlook and the shortage of skilled employees, CEOs are wanting and planning to invest more in Learning and Development “to reduce employee churn and provide development paths for employees to add skills.”

Among L&D programs, “Training for Soft Skills” remains the number 1 priority, according to LinkedIn State of L&D 2018 report for executives, people managers, and L&D pros alike. The report findings are also clear — that employees want to learn “at work,” “at their own pace” and “at the point of need,” — and classroom style training might not be the answer.

However, while Learning and Development is a 2018 C-suite priority, proving ROI for the programs have historically been a challenge for L&D pros. And even if everyone from executives to people managers want to learn and be trained on “soft skills,” getting them to make the time for it is L&D professionals’ #1 challenge.

As Peter Drucker once said “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”.
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