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In 2021, higher education continues to try and navigate the uncharted waters of responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, rebuilding the economy, and responding to the deepening racial and equity dialogues nationally.

The bottom line is that highly effective higher education leaders and managers are more important than ever -- both in the institutions themselves, and in the greater communities they serve.

BetterManager, a San Francisco-based company with roots in Google, provides three impactful opportunities for its Higher Education partners to take advantage of its unique virtual leadership development platform.  These opportunities include:

These partnerships with Higher Education allow staff, faculty, students, and the larger Higher Education community with opportunities to realize their full potential.

Benefits for Higher Education Partners

Only 1:1 Coaching with high-quality, experienced coaches provides the right combination of trust, practice and accountability that is absolutely necessary for lasting, productive development.

"Turnkey" Coaching Programs

BetterManager offers coaching program solutions to our Higher Ed partners with no upfront investment for either program development or the coaching staff.

Integrated Tech Platform

BetterManager's HR Dashboard and app are “realtime” and offer the student, manager or career professional support throughout the entire coaching process.

Flexible Pricing

BetterManager will contour its standard pricing to align with a partner’s requirements based on a mutually-beneficial business model.

Program Adoption Promotion

BetterManager is committed to providing any assistance our partners may need in marketing and promoting the coaching programs.

End-to-End Support

BetterManager provides all of the support requirements for the “learners” in your programs.

Partner Opportunities

BetterManager offers opportunities with Higher Ed in Continuing Education, Career Services, and Corporate Education.

The BetterManager Difference

Our 100% virtual leadership development platform offers a unique combination of 1:1 coaching, group training, and technology that allows you to scale the best executive-quality leadership development to all levels of managers, in every location, and in a manner that truly impacts and inspires day-to-day manager performance.

Additionally, our tech-driven platform delivers actionable data intelligence so you can understand the areas of need within your organization, and track the impact of our programs  on leadership behavior.

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