Organizational 1:1 leadership Coaching

One-on-one leadership coaching & development for all of your managers.

BetterManager will match your Individual Contributors, New Managers, Middle Managers and Senior Executives up to the C-Suite with the most experienced manager coaches in the industry.

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Our coaching programs are designed to up-level your organization's leadership development in response to the challenges you're facing right now.

New Managers

At every level or your organization, entry-level and just-promoted managers need coaching to help them adapt to their new responsibilities. Give them the support they need to make their teams as productive as possible.

Experienced Managers

Even experienced managers are facing new challenges every day in our fast-changing world. The new skills they need don't come easily or automatically - keep your managers empowered by giving them the huge advantage of 1:1 coaching.

Executives / CXO

Managers of managers have a unique set of problems. Continuous development is crucial to keep your organization's leaders inspired, productive & accountable in an ever-changing and increasingly diverse workplace.

One-On-One Leadership And Management Coaching

This 3-4 month program is the most effective way to start a coaching program, utilizing our proprietary 360 manager survey, (6) 45 minute coaching sessions, supporting content and a resurvey at the end of the program.

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Executive Coaching For Senior Leaders

This year long executive coaching program matches your executives with our coaches who have had a depth of C-level coaching experience and utilizes feedback tools and supporting content throughout the program.

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Sustained Long Term Custom Coaching Programs

Contact us about building a sustained long term coaching program that fits your organization's needs, including direct enroll programs and integration of coaching  into your professional development funds program.

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Coaching Gets Results

Only 1:1 Coaching with high-quality, experienced coaches provides the right combination of trust, practice and accountability that is absolutely necessary for lasting, productive development.

Practice for Effective Execution

No one can improve without the right kind of practice. Our coaches provide a dynamic environment that gets results.

Culture of Accountability

While the value of accountability cannot be overstated, poor implementation can actually be counter-productive!

Collaboration Skills

Great collaboration and engagement skills are a must to reap the benefits from digitalization and diversity.

Rapid Implementation

Our coach/client matching is based on real-world experience. Your managers get solutions they can apply right away.

Productivity Optimization

Every manager has strengths and weaknesses. Keep each one focused on exactly what they need to get better.

Growth & Retention

Better managers leverage increased employee engagement & collaboration  - which also reduces turnover.

75% of U.S. employees say their manager is a major source of stress
Source: Gallup
Case Study

Learn how SurveyMonkey grows and invests in leaders with coaching from BetterManager

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The experts agree on the value of great coaching.

" The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization's valuable resources"
" Executives and HR managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive personal change, ensuring better-than-average odds of success and making the change stick for the long term."
“In a recent study, training alone improved leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, improvement jumps to 77%.”
“The quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization's long-term success.” - Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup

Our Methodology

Discover The BetterManager Advantage

An extraordinary combination of quality coaches, convenient technology, and insightful reporting.



Insightful Surveys & Methodology

Our coaching is guided by principles, assessments and surveys built from Google Projects Oxygen & Aristotle. Our coaches are getting outstanding results by focusing on leadership best practices, providing actionable resources and feedback, and acting as both a sounding board and trusted mentor.

Superior Coach Quality

We maintain high standards, so you can be assured that all of our coaches are professionally certified and have both coaching and real-world management experience.



Live Video Coaching

All coaching is done live over video, so you can participate via computer, smartphone or tablet anywhere there's an internet connection. You'll also have access to session recordings for easy review and reinforcement.

Resource Library

We're continually updating our extensive, proprietary collection of articles, videos and audios. We'll point you directly to the relevant resources that support each and every coaching session.



Manager Insights

Our comprehensive 360° assessments pinpoint exactly what you need to work on and show how much progress you've made. Team and peer surveys show you the direct benefits of your new skills.

Organizational Insights

Our reporting provides aggregated cohort-level feedback and other advanced metrics to help HR/L&D identify opportunities to further up-level their managers and address potential problems before they happen.

Average managers get average results.

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Customize your design even more with the source files that you can find in the credits section.

Great for your App Ideas

Customize your design even more with the source files that you can find in the credits section.

Great for your App Ideas

Customize your design even more with the source files that you can find in the credits section.

Great for your App Ideas

Customize your design even more with the source files that you can find in the credits section.

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Customize your design even more with the source files that you
can find in the credits section.

No matter where your operations are located, we have you covered.

Professionally Certified Coaches

Our experienced coaches are all certified from ICF accredited coaching programs.

8 Countries

All of our coaches have hands-on management experience and are matched to meet your needs.

10 Languages

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

What can we say... our customers love us!

James B.
Head of Learning and Development at Yelp

BetterManager is the partner we wish we had years ago.

BetterManager's bias to over communication and speed of iteration. The quality of their coaches is their bread and butter. I've found that BetterManager has a rigorous vetting process, high bar and training program that ensures a consistent experience for any leader we put in the program..."
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Kimberly O.
Sr. Manager, Investigations and Quality Assurance

Better Manager has made me a better manager.

"My coach was amazing. I was able to immediately develop trust and rapport. The sessions were loosely structured and flowed based on items that were top of mind for the week. I have been fortunate to have engaged in several coaching programs prior to my work with Better Manager. Better Manager has the strongest follow-up and the no frills/ simple design of their..."
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Karen C.
Talent Development

Exceptional coaching for our most critical leaders.

"The quality of coaches is second-to-none. Our leaders have access to a exceptional resource and feel valued and invested in. Many of our leaders have not had this type of support before, and they benefit tremendously from getting help solving problems in real time, in focusing on their known areas for growth, and being held accountable to someone to address these areas. "
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Lydia B.
Sr. Art Director at
Survey Monkey

Sr. Art Director | Video — I lead the video team at SurveyMonkey

"The personal attention and care that my manager gave to my goals, growth, and interests. She really helped me transform and grow and brought a lot of clarity and understanding to me by asking me to consider things I wouldn't ordinarily pause to think about. "
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Latasha H.
Client Success
at Eargo

Amazing Experience with Measurable results!

"I really enjoyed my experience with my coach Karen. The coaching is very personalized and I appreciate that my coach got to know me both as a person and as a professional."
Read the full BetterManager review
Lori H.
Research Associate/Team Leader at University of Rhode Island CEPS Office of Strategic Initiatives

Remote coaching services.

"Better Manager coaches are "professional", "highly qualified" and "engaged me easily", which are some of the comments we have been hearing from the participants. My experience as the program manager has been wonderful. The company has responded to all requests in a very timely fashion, provided monthly reports and accommodated participant requests. I couldn't be happier!"
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Your managers can be better.

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