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The BetterManager Team

The entire BetterManager team is positioned to address the needs of our clients today as well as into the future.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the principles that guide everything we do, from our company strategy down to our individual actions every single day.


We strive to do what’s right, always.


We grow the business in a way that grows people who then grow companies. We innovate with accurate data and thoughtful experimentation.


We create a culture of belonging, care, and growth for one another and for those we serve.


Our passion for the work we do fuels our commitment to make a difference in business.


We care to listen, seek to learn, and strive to continuously improve. Feedback is our gold.

Strategic thinkers with proven leadership success.

BetterManager's founding partners include a former Google executive and 2 former Google management training coaches. While there, they worked with foundational projects that helped build one of the most successful, productive and scalable workforces in the world.

Leadership Team

Stephane Panier

CEO & Co-Founder
When BetterManager co-founder and CEO Stephane Panier began at Google in 2002 he was one of roughly 250 employees working...

John Topping

President & COO
30+ years as an executive for leading technology media companies such as CMP Media and IDG and an early executive at Google's...

Wendy Hanson

Chief Program Officer & Co-Founder
20 years of management and executive coaching; 20 years in management and education.

Will Corley

Chief L&D Officer & Co-Founder
Will Corley is a Doctor of Psychology and transformational leader who has coached, advised and managed individuals and...

Quinn McLaughlin

20+ years experience leading technology teams in Silicon Valley and New York City.

David Wittenkamp

High Tech and Software Entrepreneur and CFO. Silicon Valley USA. Resourceful and creative executive with broad general management...

Tim Bradbury

VP of Sales, U.S.
Tim has more than 30 years of successful business building experience. The majority of his career spent in the media, data and retail/cpg industries...

Chris Wells

VP of Sales, Europe
Managers are the single most important factor in employee engagement and happiness. The employee-manager relationship determines up...

Karen Benz

Director of Coaching
Karen is an experienced Executive Coach with an extensive background in leadership and management...

Tina Sedonne

Head of Product and Design
Tina is the Head of Product and Design at BetterManager. She has over 21 years of design and art direction experience as Creative...

Kate Rath

Director of Operations
Kate Rath is the Director of Operations at BetterManager. Her career has spanned international development work, public health...

Oliver Waller

Director of Information & Marketing
Over the past 26 years, Oliver Waller has been a principle executive for various start-ups and marketing organizations focused on...

Val Littlefield

Director of Programs & Product Integration
Val has over 25 years as an organizational leadership professional with a record of success in both Human Resources and Information...

Rick Dilliott

Content Director
Rick is the Content Director at BetterManager. He has a wide range of experience growing businesses over the last 25 years.

BetterManager's founding partners include a former Google executive and 2 former Google management training coaches. While there, they worked with foundational projects that helped build one of the most successful, productive and scalable workforces in the world.

Strategic Advisors

Dawnet Beverley

Corporate Leader
Dawnet is a seasoned executive with 30 years of ascending management, sales and technology roles. She is the Executive Vice President with global...

Gordon Freedman

Education Advisor
Gordon is the President of the National Laboratory for Education Transformation, a California-based nonprofit committed to transforming 20th century education into 21st century learning in mathematics, state data, student records and workforce.

Dennis Bonilla

Technology Strategist
Dennis Bonilla is an industry-recognized Digital Learning & Technology Transformation Strategist specializing in the integration of adult learning neuroscience, digital learning technologies and curriculum, data analytics, and corporate and higher education strategies for the modern multi-generational workforce.

Gary Millrood

Strategic Advisor
Gary Millrood is an accomplished executive with more than 25 years of experience in corporate strategy, financing, operations, and business development. He has started businesses and created liquidity for companies in multiple industries. Mr. Millrood holds a B.A. from Marquette University and an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tamar Elkeles Ph.D

Learning & Development Advisor
Tamar Elkeles, Ph.D. is an experienced Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and thought leader in the Talent, Learning, Organization Development and Human Capital field. She is a seasoned wireless technology executive with extensive experience in the high tech industry.

Zia Syed

AI Engineering Advisor
Zia is an accomplished experienced AI engineer, executive, and entrepreneur. He currently serves as Google’s Engineering Leader for its AI platform, leading several teams in Cloud AI Platform group including Cloud Machine Learning Engine (Inference), Kubeflow, Google Cloud AI Hub, DeepLearning VM Images and initiatives related to doing ML in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

Dr. George Woods M.D.

Education Advisor
George Woods, MD, L.F.A.P.A. is a practicing neuropsychiatrist and internationally known mental health expert. He is also Vice-Chairperson of the Challenging Behaviors Special Interest Research Group...

Simone Brunozzi

Technologist & Entrepreneur
Simone Brunozzi has worked in the IT industry at large companies and startups for more than 20 years, focused for the last ten on Cloud Computing.

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