How Networking Is Critical To Your Success

Wendy Hanson
BetterManager Executive Coach

May 5, 2018

In the 4th Pillar of BetterManager we talk about the “Organization.”

Networking is when you form relationships to share information, seek potential partners, create opportunities for your own development and build a web of trusted colleagues.

If you have a sales role, you naturally network externally to find new business.

When you are inside a company, you network to find resources, make connections, and build trust. Both internal or external networking are essential parts of the business.

1. Think about your brand in the organization. What do you want to be known for? You might do good work—but it may be invisible. Volunteer for assignments, ask questions—demonstrate leadership. Ask yourself: “What can I do to add value?”

2. Don’t get so caught up in the day-to-day with your head in the weeds. Think of how to build relationships up, down and across the organization. Take time to connect… Ask yourself: “Who in the organization has shared interests and opportunities that we can leverage?”

3. As a manager, you are often the source of resources for your team. When other parts of the organization are competing- you need to be able to make a case for your team and the value of the outcomes and the business case. Ask yourself: “What do I need to do to share my team’s assets/successes to the decision-makers in the organization?”

4. Leverage the vision and mission you developed with and for your team to create opportunities, buy-in and receive support and feedback. Having a clear vision and mission to pitch internally will make you standout, will impress, and help build your brand as a leader. Ask yourself: “Does my team have a clear vision and mission to inspire and lead them and have I shared it with others?”

Summary: Food for thought on Networking:

  1. Build your brand by adding value.
  2. Build relationships by connecting and leveraging opportunities
  3. Build resources by being a great advocate for your team
  4. Build support for your team’s mission and vision through sharing around the organization

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May 5, 2018