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the BetterManager Podcast
with Wendy Hanson

People leave managers, not companies. The Building Better Managers Podcast provides interviews with leadership professionals on topics including: leadership development, leadership coaching, leadership training, productivity, employee retention, communication, culture, and accountability.

People come to work every day with a whole host of personal and professional challenges. How can you help create a highly productive workplace where people are engaged, involved, and constantly learning?

Join us and find out!

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About Your Host

Wendy Hanson

BetterManager Co-Founder & COO, Wendy Hanson is an executive coach, author, podcaster, and speaker. Her expertise is in helping businesses develop positive and productive cultures and communities. Wendy has over 21 years experience in management and executive coaching helping numerous start ups and innovative businesses, including eight years coaching Google executives. She holds an M.ED. in Organization & Management, and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPCC).

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