Leaders Must Know Themselves - Poem

Will Corley
BetterManager Executive Coach

May 26, 2018

Leaders must know themselves:

their strengths and tendencies,

their limits and weaknesses,

their beliefs,

what they value,

the role they occupy.

It is their stage.

Do they shrink or expand,

become more of who they are,

become the leader they would be?

For the biggest tool a leader has,

is their self,

knowing what triggers

their emotions,


that emotions cascade

like a symphony

to their team,

to those around them;

whether it be

upbeat, positive, somber, angry,

they must find control

and learn to let go.

They must know themselves

to be both bold and vulnerable,


find out

who they will be,

not be,


they will find

confidence, confusion, doubt

in dark places

where hope must be found.

This is where they must lead.

— Will Corley.

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May 26, 2018