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Great leaders lift up the people around them and help them to thrive. Leaders who are struggling can impede professional development, accidentally silence good ideas, and can create work environments where people aren’t set up for success. I love working with BetterManager because we offer solutions so all leaders can be great leaders. We bring compassion, encouragement and research tested skills to our efforts and we see lasting results in individuals and within the companies we work with.

Kate Rath

Director of Operations

Kate Rath is the Director of Operations at BetterManager. Her career has spanned international development work, public health, communications and the arts. In her work in public health, she designed global health projects in over a dozen developing countries, providing technical assistance along with data-driven monitoring and evaluation and fiscal oversight. She has collaboratively developed strategic plans for organizations and has a successful track record of resource mobilization working with organizations such as the World Bank, European Union, the Ford Foundation and USAID. Her work has been highlighted and presented at the American Public Health Association, Global Health Council, New York University, and the UN Commission on the Status of Women. In her work in the art and design fields, Kate has overseen large-scale projects with Twitter, Google, Microsoft, National Geographic, NY Museum of Modern Art and Columbia University. Kate holds Masters of Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics.