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BetterManager helps fulfill management's promise of becoming a noble profession through truly partnering with groups of individual leaders, providing the highest caliber of coaching. What has awed me, is that the quality of our coaching has remained consistently high across 50 coaches, across 70 plus companies. What excites me is we continue to evolve as a leadership development platform that brings leaders together through coaching. group management debriefs and master classes. Connecting Leaders to Leaders. But most exciting is the trusted partnerships we have developed with companies like Yelp, Smart Recruiters, Survey Monkey, DropBox, EventBrite and many more to come.

Will Corley

Chief L&D Officer

20 years of management and executive coaching; 12 years of management experience;  worked 8 years at Google as an Executive Coach for North America Sales Teams; former Director at Cutler Counseling; PsyD William James College; Certified Professional Coach (CTI),(CPCC)